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Bridges is an online literary magazine created and edited by students in Dr. Adrienne G. Perry’s Editing and Literary Publishing class at Villanova University. The journal began in Spring 2021 with nineteen students who were tasked with creating a journal while learning about the literary publishing industry. In Fall 2021, a new group of fifteen editors continued that task. 


The journal’s focus is the work of BIPOC and transnational writers and artists, namely through the publication of original poetry, prose, and interviews, as well as book reviews and special features written by the journal’s editors. 


The Spring 2021 class wrote the journal’s first mission statement, which has continued to evolve:


We believe sharing connects us. 

Bridges is a community of readers and creatives celebrating the art and writing of BIPOC

and transnational authors. We want to participate in a reading culture that fosters connection

while reflecting the world. As a class, we are aware of our contemporary political and cultural moment,

as well as the institution and positions from which we edit. As editors, we affirm the need for new perspectives,

and we seek to center work that respects, supports, and amplifies inclusion. 


The name Bridges was chosen with consideration of both the functional and metaphorical significance of bridges themselves. Bridges serve as a connection between people, places, and things. Bridges are complex structures that require many years of hard work and collaboration; they are essential to society and withstand the test of time.


Collaboration is key in creating a cohesive, impactful journal. We have had the honor to work with each other and with amazing authors and artists; we are excited to be able to share this work with readers.

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