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Editor's Note
Summer/Fall 2021

Dearest Readers,

We want to tell you the story about the journal on your computer or on your phone. What you are about to read is a literary journal--full of poetry, prose, reviews, and interviews--that centers the work of BIPOC and transnational writers and artists.


The journal has been completely edited and published by nineteen undergraduate college students with an overwhelming passion and a driving mission to create a reading culture that fosters connection and reflects the world. Our contemporary and political moment needs new platforms for diverse voices and perspectives.

Nothing beats the power of a story, the image from a poem, or the strength of a joyful community of readers and writers. At Bridges, we acknowledge that each individual effort, no matter how small, is instrumental in creating an inclusive reading culture. We are grateful to the authors who put their time and energy into these pieces, and for taking a chance on our team of editors. And none of this would have been possible without THE Dr. Adrienne Perry, our fearless leader. 

We also want to be sure to thank you, dear readers. Thank you for supporting the semester-long work our teams spent in crafting this journal. Thank you for supporting our writers who shared their art with us, many having their first publication through Bridges. We invite you not to simply read this journal as an audience member, but rather to join this community of readers and writers, to enter into the space we are striving to create--to build bridges.

This is Bridges. Welcome.

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